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Not trying to be all tumbly and deep, but say this outloud a couple times.
Everything about you.
Wanna hear a Harry Potter riddle?
Potterfans will understand.

magconsex asked: alskdjfa;klsdjf;aklsdjf;sadkljf you told an anon to follow me i feel so appreciated


Not rebloging because I’m a fitness pro. Rebloging because I need to do this!

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Anonymous asked: What are some tips and ideas for losing weight? And are you pro-ana( as in you are anorexic or support anorexics? But I'm mostly interested in the first question

You can eat whatever you want, and I mean WHATEVER you want, just control your portions. Um. Working out is always good but I’m not gonna pretend I go hard at the gym because I DON’T. But think of going to the pool with friends as exercise, because swimming burns a lot of calories. But don’t make losing weight your life. You’re a teenager and have fun. Just control your portions. Text me and we can talk about ideas

I’m not a health nut, but I thought this was cool.
Andy Irons will be forever missed